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What's your story?

Updated: May 14, 2018

Today is #WorldBookDay so what better time to talk about brand stories? Stories are powerful and brands are now realising their potential in marketing campaigns.

B u t w h a t i s a B r a n d S t o r y?

A brand story is about shaping the reason for your existence. Or to put it another way, it's the 'why' of your business as opposed to the 'what'.

‘Brand storytelling’ is a marketing trend giving brands a strong identity with a narrative built around it that flows through with online and offline campaigns. Or put simply, stories are as individual as you are and tell your audience who you are and why you do what you do.

It's the 'why' of your business as opposed to the 'what'

Having an overarching brand story can help customers improve their loyalty with your brand. Giving customers the chance to see behind the scenes of a product or service can create authenticity.

H o w c a n I u s e S t o r i e s i n m y m a r k e t i n g?

There are many ways you can tell your story (you're probably already doing some of them!) and the best bit about story telling in marketing is that it doesn't have to be made up of articles and content written entirely by you.

  • Use your social media accounts. Stories will spread through the power of social media. Snippets, extracts, and anecdotes are passed around, retweeted, liked, and explained bit-by-bit. Meanwhile, you build a presence and a brand that lives in a public social consciousness.

  • Don't just focus on the product. Think about telling the story of who has made it, where they are in the world.

  • Tell your story everywhere. Make the story part of who you are and what your company is. Communicate using the power of the story; whether you’re writing a guest post, piecing together a biography, or just tweeting about your day.

  • Use Instagram to share pictures of real people who have engaged with your brand. Help people imagine themselves within the lifestyle that your company promotes.

  • Invite employees and co-workers to share their stories. What attracted them to your brand, or what is their favourite part of the job?

  • Customer testimonials are one of the most effective ways of broadcasting your story. Customers themselves will experience the problem//solution//success momentum of the story. If they’re satisfied, they will be more than happy to crow about it. Use these stories on your website and marketing materials. They will reinforce the brand’s story.

  • Encourage storytelling everywhere. When your brand hits the mainstream, its story will become further entrenched in public awareness. Don’t suppress any accurate telling of your brand’s story

Story telling in marketing doesn't have to be made up of articles and content written entirely by you.

Y o u r s t o r y s t a r t s h e r e

With a strong narrative, you can inspire your customers, bring your identity to life, and make it more likely that you’ll be able to keep on attracting new leads for your business year-in, year-out.

Great marketing stories might not change the world, but they will give your business the power it needs to engage with your target market in a way that’s emotional, memorable, and effective.

Simply put, your story tells your customers why you’re worth their time and money.

If you don’t already have a strong narrative for your next marketing activity, now might be the time to start your storyboard.

The End.

(until next time...)

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