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Toot Your Own Horn! How do you celebrate your business birthday?

Updated: Apr 16, 2018

Business anniversaries can be a huge milestone for a small business. They are a wonderful opportunity to share your story with your whole audience, from clients and prospects to employees and suppliers.

Talk about why you started your business, where you've been, what you do and what makes you different. It's also an ideal time to thank employees and clients who've helped you reached this milestone.

But how do you celebrate? There are a whole manner of creative ways to share your news but remember to keep focussed on your marketing goals.

As LOTS Marketing is 5 years old this month (April 2018), I've been thinking of ways to celebrate my anniversary and there seems no better way than by sharing my 5 top ideas on ways to toot your business horn and boost your marketing efforts.


Invite your clients and prospects to celebrate with you by hosting contests or promotions connected to your anniversary. The focus should be on giving the gift rather than receiving one; maybe a giveaway of a number of items that reinforce your birthday message e.g. 5 bottles of champagne for the best 5 comments on a blog post.


Whether through sponsorship or a promise to match contributions from your customers to a charity of your choice, there are altruistic ways of marking a special anniversary. If your company is purpose-driven, this will be something your customers will respect and appreciate too.


Nobody achieves success alone and it is critical to acknowledge who contributed. A party can be one way to create publicity and a bit of buzz about your business.

Invite your existing and potential customers, influential contacts and suppliers in your network to help celebrate your business milestone.


From email signatures to a wow piece such as a special or limited edition product, make sure your anniversary message is heard loud and clear.

Print postcards, brand you party invitations, update our social media profiles, add it to your letterhead. There are so many ways you can incorporate your milestone into the daily running of your business.


Nobody achieves success alone so make sure you acknowledge all those who have contributed to your growth. From staff and suppliers to customers and funders, make sure that you thank and reward everyone who has been part of your journey.

That could be anything from a party to a gift but whatever you choose, be imaginative. Think about how you would like to be thanked and rewarded.

However you decide to mark your anniversary, remember to maximise your PR potential by distributing the information across all of your available channels – your blog, website, email marketing campaigns, social media pages etc.

I'm sure there are many more ways to celebrate! I’d love to hear your suggestions and the best business birthday idea received by 30th April will win a bottle of champagne!

Oh and don't forget to keep an eye on the blog for more "top 5" themed marketing tips to help your small business become more successful.


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