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5 Quick Ways to Spruce Up Your Social Channels

It can be pretty overwhelming trying to cut through the noise and chaos of life online but that doesn't mean you can't do it!

Whether you're using your social media profiles for social selling, content marketing or customer support, social media gives you the perfect opportunity to reach your target audience and build your brand.

Let's clear one thing up quickly though...you don't need a post to go viral to stand out!

Probably the most important point is to be sure to have a clear strategy in place. Be clear about what you want to achieve and who you are looking to reach. Having a strategy means you will be fully prepared and able to focus on the creative ways to get your message out there!

So assuming that's all sorted, here are my 5 quick ways to spruce up your social channels:


Visuals play a really important part in social media branding. You want your branding to be consistent across all channels, helping people to recognise your company, no matter which site or app they're using.

Use the same logo

Use your logo or a symbol that represents your company.

Choose your colour palette

It doesn’t just stop at the logo. Think about the posts you share and ways to develop your colour palette. You want to get to a point where people associate those colors with your brand.

Create templates

Whether you have a team handling your ocial media efforts or you do it yourself, templates can be a great way to ensure that fonts, colours and design are consistent. There are some great free tools that you can choose from such as Canva or Vectr.


Focus on solution based content rather than product based content. Social listening and engagement with your supporters will help you learn about what they're looking for - that's the stuff you should be writing about!

Make full use of the wide variety of posting techniques and content types. Videos, images and even plain old fashioned text each have a place.

Learn about the features of each channel where you're posting and think about the creative ways you can put them to use. Whether it's Twitter polls, Facebook Live videos or Instagram Stories, think about the many different ways that could appeal to your audience.


Be consistent when it comes to the topics you cover. Focus on your own offer and also think about the complementary products or services where you can be curating content.

Pick topics closely related to your industry and directly related to your brand. Stay focussed on your main areas of expertise and become to go-to account for people interested in your topics.

Imagine you're sat in front of someone and write like you're having a conversation with them.


Nothing will kill your social media branding efforts faster than irregular posting. Allow yourself time each month to plan your content. Think about using scheduling tools such as Hootsuite or Buffer.

Be social. Post regularly.


You can start building awareness for your brand on social media by engaging and interacting with other users. It’s as simple as replying to Tweets and commenting on Facebook and Instagram posts.

Oh and never ignore reviews – especially negative feedback. It’s important to show that you care about what clients think and how you address their concerns

Don't fall into the trap of just sharing content either; it’s like having a conversation with yourself! Why would someone follow you when they can just follow the news source of the articles you share?


Don't sit back and wait for social media success to happen. Promote your profiles whenever and wherever you can - printed on flyers, links on your website and even cross-promotion on other social media channels.

There is no secret formula to social success but if you keep focussed on being social, listening and talking to your fans then you're on the right track!

The more you speak with your fans and followers, the more they get to know you. The more people get to know you, the more they trust you. Remember that people buy from people they trust!


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